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Our Product Value

Total protection from malaria, dengue, Chikanguniya and filaria plus total freedom from skin cancer, asthma, sinusitis causing mosquito mats, liquids and coils.

  • NO TYING, NON-TOXIC & available in all sizes
  • Students can sit inside this and have a peaceful study
  • The safest & simplest way to keep mosquitoes away
  • Easily operated Push-Pull Device
  • No time wasted in tying and removing
  • No suffocation, healthy, safe for children
  • Usable on cot or floor, no fixtures required
  • Ideal for homes, hotels, Travel, Outdoors
  • Works during power failure unlike mats
  • Sizes for infants, children, single adult/couple
  • No Side effects from coils or mats.
  • Avoidance of Chemicals helps in preventing Skin cancer, Asthma, sinus problems, lungs problems & all breathing related issues.

Now relax with comfort net! The ultimate device to combat the mosquito menace!!

Total protection from mosquitoes / other insects

  • It is universally accepted fact that good sleep makes one feel fresh and relieves from fatigue and tiredness.
  • Invariably, disturbed sleep due to mosquito menace force us for a lethargic day.
  • To combat mosquito menace, there are several gadgets/devices available in the market besides the conventional mosquito nets. However, most of them either causes health hazard due to usage of chemicals or involves lot of labour in conventional nets.
  • After detailed study to arrest the mosquito menace permanently, we have evolved a new device “Comfort Net” which has amazing features and quite convenient to use.