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Wide range of sizes

Comfortnet Mosquito Net is available in sixteen different sizes for

 King Size bed

 Deluxe Size bed

 Queen Size bed

 Double Size bed

 Single Size bed

 Diwan Size bed

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Total Protection

Comfortnet Mosquito Net protects You & Your family from




Spreading Mosquitoes.

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Comfort Mosquito Net


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BENEFITS  of Using Comfort Mosquito Net – Made In India

1. Suitable for All Age group.
2. No need to tie and untie mosquito net daily.
3. No irritation of folding and unfolding of mosquito net on daily basis.
4. Comfort Mosquito Net can be used on bed or on the floor very easily.
5. Comfort Mosquito Net is suitable for out door usage (during trekking, on terrace, in balcony)
6. Keep mosquito repellents and mosquito coil’s smoke and smell away and breathe healthy air.
7. Height of mosquito net is more enough to sit comfortably inside.
8.Use Comfort Mosquito Net and keep you and your family away from dengue fever and malaria diseases spreading mosquitoes.
9. Available in 16 different ready sizes.
10. Long Lasting and Zero Maintenance.
1. Made up of high quality, industry standard poly-cotton material.
     a. Long lasting.
     b. Thin but strong stings in the net allows fan air to pass easily inside.
     c. Less heat inside the net compared to nylon and polyester clothes.
     d. Zero maintainance
     e. Easily washable.
2. Uses 4mm Mild Steel rods (6 No.)
    a. No spring technique used in the device, so helps in long duration of usage.
    b. Rods weight on the mattress will not create any gap for mosquitoes entry inside.
3. Each rod is wrapped with good quality PVC material.
4. High grade plastic material used in fulcrum ( 2 no.)  for long run.
5. Extra 2 layer border clothes give protection against mosquitoes entry in the net.
6. Geometric design of the frame make very easy to use of the device.
( For Order and Inquiry WhatsApp or Contact: VIJAYARAJ 9916955456 )
Visit store @ www.comfortnet.in


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Cream, Pink

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2.5ftx6.5ft[30inchx78inch], 2.5ftx6.25ft[30inchx75inch], 2.5fx6ft[30inchx72inch], 3ftx6.5ft[36inchx78inch], 3ftx6.25ft[36inchx75inch], 3ftx6ft[36inchx72inch], 4ftx6.5ft[48inchx78inch], 4ftx6.25ft[48inchx75inch], 4ftx6ft[48inchx72inch], 5ftx6.5ft[60inchx78inch], 5ftx6.25ft[60inchx75inch], 5ftx6ft[60inchx72inch], 6ftx7ft[72inchx84inch], 6ftx6.5ft[72inchx78inch], 6ftx6.25ft[72inchx75inch], 6ftx6ft[72inchx72inch]


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